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Sagarika & Jitendra - Wedding blessed with Love and Support of Like Minded People

Being wedding photographers, we have had the good fortune to cover 15 or more different culture weddings. It also gave us the opportunity to travel across the country, our team has been to all 4 direction in India now and oft times we get invited back to the same city.

We have witnessed different traditions and are seeing an increasing number of blended culture weddings in India’s metros. Telugu-Kanada, Tamil-Telugu, Kanada-Tamil, Marathi-Gujrati etc. We understand that this is owing to the number of young people travelling across the county to take up different assignments in their carriers etc.

We also consider ourselves to be blessed by God to have had most of our clients to be extremely confident on our work and likewise been graceful when it came to the remuneration. I am not saying that in this line we have not met people who wanted the whole world and wanted to pay nothing, but we have tried and successfully kept ourselves away from these heartburn's.

As a matter of fact there were time where it was the right business decision to take-up an assignment, but if they team collectively did not get a good vibe about the client, we politely moved away from that order. There was no point in making money that would not keep you happy.

But I am not going to ponder about this any further, but rather share an experience that I wanted to have for myself for some time long now.

Let me talk to you about the Wedding of Sagarika & Jitendra

Normally before we get going with a wedding there are multiple steps, like understanding the client’s needs, understanding the venue, understanding the schedule , understanding the parents and family’s expectations etc, and last but not the least getting the commercials and charges sorted.

This wedding was not so, we had to meet just the bride only, it was her wedding and she had no parents around, she was on her own. Sagarika grew up in an Orphanage.

Sagarika came to the foster home almost 18 years ago and unlike some of us who are blessed to live with their biological families, she was blessed differently and with the love, affection and support of the many other girls like her with whom she grew up.

When we were approached by the Team of Touch A Life Foundation, who were managing this wedding for Sagarika, we realized that this was an opportunity for us to share something with someone from whom we expect nothing back. We believed like any other wedding that we do, where we have always focused on the Bride & Groom as the focus of the story, this should be no different when the final wedding story images come out.

We thank the Team of Touch a Life Foundation for giving us an opportunity to help capture the wedding of Sagarika and to be part of the Memories of a Lifetime

So here were are presenting the Images from the Wedding Story of “Sagarika & Jitendra”

We hope the photos have been able to keep the emotion of the wedding day in its purest form, just the way any wedding album would be.

The Core Team of Touch A Life Foundation with Sagarika & Jitendra

Sagarika & Jitendra - Wedding Location was the same Foster Home where she grew up.

When Many a Well-wishers come together - Everyday places turn into Heavenly Looking Place

Sagarika & Jitendra

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