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The Railway Window Light

One of my Favorite lighting scenarios is the Window light of a Indian Railway Compartment.

Often times while travelling I come across varied faces and smiles. People of all ages and emotions on their face. But, I see a smiling kid & I just cannot hold myself from taking out my camera.

Here are the results of what a lovely smile and the light coming thru a window in a Railway compartment can do.

Photographers Note:

Photos were shot on Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 50MM f1.8, ISO varied from 160 to 1000, f always 1.8. shutter speeds 125 to 320

It might be appropriate to confess that the results of these photos are no less that any professional assignment that we would have done at our studio.

The purpose of saying this is that while we might want to have the best of the lighting equipment and the best of the locations for a great result, I feel your ability to frame the subject and capture the emotion will be by far the most important & awesome part of the photos that you make.

(I am not denying that great locations do have their share of contribution to an image)

But not having that should not hold you back from taking out the camera and attempting to capture the moment and emotion.

So go out and make some awesome photos - Remember your are the awesome part of your photos.

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