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MilkyWay & The Greed for More...

Milkyway, AstroPhotography, Landscape, Phototours

It's never Enough, the more you see it the more you want to capture it. Even the widest of the lenses seem to fall short at times when you are trying to capture this beauty.

More often that not a 16mm EF lens or a 10mm EFS lens does do the job well. But then there are days when you see the milky way extending almost from one end of the horizon all the way to the other end blending into other stars, what do you do on such days? ( I pledge my ignorance on Astronomy )

You keep staring at it and are spell bound by its sheer magnificence and size, and then the greed to capture it all in 1 frame consumes you.

In one such moment laying flat on the floor of the terrace of the Homestay, I pointed my Camera towards the Zenith and this is what I got.

For those who might be interested with the EXIF, it is here below

Camera Canon 5DM III

Lens : Samyang 8mm FishEye Manual Focus

Shutter Speed: 30 Sec

ISO :2500

F: 3.5

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